So, this is it. You packed your bags, took any gear you need, loaded on the car and you are off to airport to start your vacation. You booked to stay in a hotel on a small Island of Greece, with beautiful beaches and many options on activities you would like to experience during your vacation. A relaxing, but also adventurous, way of enjoying your time off from work. But what about travel insurance? Do I really need one or it is just a waste of money?

Actually most of the people don’t really grasp the number of dangers they might get into during their vacation. And by living on the safety of an insurance plan on their Country of residence, they don’t know that on another country they are not covered by that insurance plan, unless otherwise has been foreseen and requested specifically. And then is when it gets messy if something happens. It’s better to have one, and not need it, than not having one and then waiting for the bill to come, due to a helicopter evacuation that wasn’t in your plans.

ZenTravel can mediate in solving this trouble easily and offer you a travel insurance plan at the lowest possible prices. Cooperating with some of the largest Insurance Agencies and having access on flexible plans we can offer to our clients, as a tailor-made service, travel insurance to use in any place of the world. All you have to do is inform our specialists about your destination and your planning during your vacation. After all, this is one of the traits our company has, one that we gladly provide to our clients by

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