The blue, crystal-clear waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean beckon irresistibly… so why not wind down or power up whilst indulging the luxury and ambience of the fabulous ships on our extensive cruise list?

The Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean in general have always been central to numerous ancient civilisations, whose spectacular remnants are generously scattered throughout our friendly coasts. Today, the same coasts harbour large cities as well as picturesque island towns. The shore-side possibilities are endless, from excursions to celebrated ancient sites to shopping sprees and from gentle strolls to local cuisine explorations.

Zen Travel is delighted to offer the best there is in the cruise sector, by virtue of our close co-operation both with global and specialist regional cruise lines.

We will be happy to discuss your requirements and to offer you our attractive prices, along with travel tips, suggestions and ‘inside information’ about the destinations on offer.

We are ready to respond to your requirements with quality, flair and reliability.

The archaeological and Cultural treasures of the Mediterranean are just one click away.
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