Greece is mostly known for its many beautiful and breathtaking Islands. It would take a lifetime to visit them all and enjoy some or all of the unique activities and experiences each have to offer. Beaches of unparalleled beauty with turquoise waters, friendly and hospital people everywhere you go, many sites to explore with unique history, fine Mediterranean cuisine and night life, unforgettable and romantic sceneries, underwater exploration, extreme sports both on water and land, hiking. Regardless on your preferences when visiting a location, Greek Islands and Greece in general have many more to offer as experiences of a lifetime.

Most of our Islands can only be accessed by boat and ZenTravel can arrange very easy your transportation to paradise. Our experts will find the most suitable price and route, based on your request on various onboard services. Additionally Zentravel can handle all the required bookings of your entire trip, to ensure your smooth transition and staying on one or more locations of our paradise on earth, by

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