It’s time for our vacation!

But how can I choose, when there are so many options and the information and opinions about them are so different?

It is always one of the first concerns we have, when we are trying to decide where to go for our holidays. Are the amenities the hotel is offering, the ones I’m looking for? Will I get what I paid for? What other sightseeings are worth visiting in the area and how can I get there? Is there a beach nearby or I need to rent a car for my holidays? Where can I find a reliable car rental? And many more concerns and long nights of searching, basing our choices on reviews and experiences of other people, that most of the times can either be inaccurate, out of date and/or -probably the most important factor- not having the same standards as we have, when it comes to deciding on leisure and quality of services.

ZenTravel, based on its large network of associates, and being experts on the field of tourism, can and will find you the area and the hotel you are dreaming all year around to visit for your holidays, covering in full all of your needs and requests. Our information on areas and different hotel/lodges are always up to date, in order to ensure high quality of services and provide you exactly what you are looking and paying for. No need to make several contacts but one.

All you have to do is provide us with the details of amenities and sightseeings/activities you wish to enjoy during your holiday and we will give you plenty of proposals to choose from, at the best possible prices you can find. Additionally, we can provide any information you require on the areas you will visit, so you can plan an itinerary with sightseeings to explore and activities to experience for your vacation.

ZenTravel also offers the ability to provide you with more services as car rental, arranging of transfers, ticket issuance (Airplane and/or Ferry tickets), as well as luxurious choices, experiences of a lifetime, such as our

Sea Cruises
VIP Services
for your complete and unforgettable vacation package

tailor-made just for you.

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